Rouge H2 Engineering AG (RGH2) is an innovative research and development company in the field of sustainable hydrogen and carbon capture.

Founded in 2015 and after completing several R&D projects in the hydrogen economy (eg.: fuel cell cars with AVL in Graz), RGH2 set its focus to exploit the groundbreaking research results in the field of production and storage of hydrogen at the Institute for Chemical Process Engineering and at the Graz University of Technology (TUG). The research results were so convincing that the investor Sable Huang decided to invest in this development and the expansion of the company at the company site in Graz, Austria.

In recent years, RGH2 focused its outstanding competence and know-how on hydrogen technology and has successfully completed several projects in the field of hydrogen production and carbon capture throughout Europe.

Leadership Team

Sable Huang

Owner & Chairwomen

25+ years of experience as serial entrepreneur & business angel in electro-acoustics, automation, construction and chemical industries

Harald Bier

Advisory Board

Head of Office at European Biochar Industry Consortium (EBI)  

Christoph Meyer-Stumborg

Advisory Board

Certified expert for occupational, machine and functional safety in Germany

Florian von Hofen

Chief Executive Officer

30+ years of experience in executive positions including positions in multiple industries

Dr. Gernot Voitic

Chief Technology Officer

10+ years of experience as scientific researcher on chemical looping technology. PhD in Chemistry with 18+ publications on high purity hydrogen

Dr. Sebastian Bock

Senior Researcher

6+ years of experience in fundamental and applied research on hydrogen and fuel cell technologies. PhD in Chemical Engineering with 10+ peer-reviewed scientific publications