• RGH2 converts landfill gas to hydrogen
    The Bergische Abfallwirtschaftsverband (BAV) and the Graz-based hydrogen specialist Rouge H2 Engineering (RGH2) have commissioned a research reactor at the Leppe landfill site. There they are investigating hydrogen production from landfill gas. https://gwf-gas.de/forschung-entwicklung/hochreiner-wasserstoff-aus-deponiegas/
  • Hydrogen In Three with RGH2 founder
    Episode four of our Hydrogen in Three series, Billy Remmington sits down with Sable Huang and Florian von Hofen from Rouge H2 Engineering AG, the pioneering clean hydrogen technology company who are focused on producing renewable H2 from biogas/ landfill gas.
  • World’s first high-purity hydrogen from biogas.
    Austrian researchers have demonstrated a chemical looping system can be retrofitted into biogas plants. It is said the new tech can produce high-purity hydrogen for fuel cells on an industrial scale. The scientists concerned said their system could produce hydrogen, on a decentralized basis, for €5/kg. Austria’s Graz University of Technology (TU Graz) and compatriot … Weiterlesen: World’s first high-purity hydrogen from biogas.